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Josefin Winther (Norway) – Walking home (single)

Reading time: 2 minutes Josefin Winther is one of those artists who get a lot of exposure in these pages but it is fully justifiable. She’s a skilful song …

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Nordic Sad (Sweden) – ’Here to survive’ (single/track from EP Unity)

Reading time: 2 minutes Feeling down in the dumps? Need a bit of cheering up? Then don’t come here. I haven’t heard of a more aptly-named band than Nordic …

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Lowly (Denmark) – You are good and I love you (single/track from forthcoming album)

Reading time: 2 minutes Lowly is a new band to me but the quintet is well known in Denmark where they are classed as dream pop experimentalists. This track, …

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Hög sjö (Sweden) – Gnosienne no. 6 (EP, forerunner to a debut album)

Reading time: 2 minutes Hög sjö translates as ‘high lake’ in Google. But ‘heavy sea’ according to the press release. Perhaps I’ll middle it and go for ‘heavy lakes’ …