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A Treehouse Wait (Sweden) – ICCY (single/track from forthcoming album Kaleidoscope)

Unusually this one came to me via the post, care of A Treehouse Wait’s Dutch record label, Volkoren and with a physical CD and nicely printed and neatly folded A4 paper. A nice touch, in the return to the old days pre- Steve Gatesaberg or whatever they are called.

Unfortunately I don’t have anywhere to play a CD other than in the car but the stereo there has been taking a battering.

A Treehouse Wait is singer-songwriter Jenny Gajicki (Whalström) and co-writer/producer Emil Sydhage. This, their second album, ‘Kaleidoscope’, is scheduled for release on 24th May (CD and digitally). In the meantime they have released several tracks including this one, ‘ICCY’, one of nine on the album, as a single and this is the last one before the album drops.

Jenny, who is Swedish but with an extensive Asian upbringing which has influenced her musical direction, is mainly an EDM songwriter but turns her attention here to traditional Swedish melancholia and with an edge to it.

It has been eight years since their debut album ‘Interlude’ and the new one has been delayed but judging off this one track (and the others I have heard), it has been well worth the wait. (I could have called it the Treehouse wait but you wouldn’t forgive me for that).

Only the Swedes can get the balance just right between sadness and dreaminess, as we’ve seen so often before.

I don’t know what ‘ICCY’ stands for. It could be a name or an acronym. I seriously doubt it stands for Inns of Court and City Yeomanry (a British Army regiment), the International Conference of Cyber Law or any of the other acronyms I found.

But that’s not really important anyway. The song soars like a hot air balloon that’s been primed with the heat from a volcano from the opening moments and doesn’t come down again until the end. It’s a song I could envisage as the soundtrack to a film of a marathon runner staggering towards the tape in the athletics stadium in front of a roaring crowd only to collapse in the final straight before the second placed one helps the athlete over the line without a care for their own finishing position.

“Let’s write a story, you and I”.

The sort of thing that puts a lump in your throat.

And Jenny Gajicki’s voice suits it perfectly. She reminds me a little of NONONO’s Stina Wäppling, which is no bad thing.

Be assured there is plenty more where this came from on the album.

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