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Among Lynx (Sweden) – Lola Luna (single)

Funnily enough, even before I’d read the PR that came with the email about this new song from Among Lynx, I’d made a mental connection with the film ‘Thelma and Louise’. Apart from the fact that it tells a tale similar to the movie’s storyline, it’s got that raw, edgy feel about it.

Unfortunately, the part it brought to mind is when the two renegade housewives are in the roadside cowboy bar and we all know what happened there. But like I said, it’s edgy, and earthy.

In this story, while riding through a desolate arid and scorching landscape one of them falls, leaving the other one desperately calling the moon, crying her friend’s name. That reminds me a little of Lydmor’s ‘Nevada’; it’s equally atmospheric as well as offering a similar visual setting.

It appears they set about changing their style recently from a base rooted in the American blues music tradition, introducing a more dynamic and heavier musical direction but without losing anything in the melody department.

The guitar riffs from Eva-mi Ringqvist are mean and moody as if Uma Thurman just drove into town with only Bill on her mind while Elin Öberg’s harmonica, which sounds like a second guitar at times, wouldn’t have been out of place in ‘Rawhide.’ (You’ll have to Google that).

What really stands out though is when Eva-mi launches into a mini vocal solo. She really does soar, up there with the eagles, never mind the lynx.

‘Lola Luna’ is taken from the band’s third album, ‘Once in a Blue Moon’, which will be self-released on 24 February. The band will also be embarking on a Scandinavian spring tour in conjunction with the album, with release shows in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

Apparently they are well known as a live band in Sweden, having established a reputation there over the last eight years.

Hopefully we might see them in the UK before long?

(Video by Samy Dahlman Taman).

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