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An.Kara (Norway/Poland) – Selmas Hus (Selma’s House) title track from album

Output is limited presently owing to the demands of the World Cup, but I’m trying my best!

Hand on heart I swear you get more variety in this blog than you’ll find in any other. Never would I have imagined a Norwegian/Polish folk trio but here they are folks, all the way from southern Norway, where I guess it’s even colder than it is here right now.

An.Kara sort of suggests Turkey doesn’t it, and there does seem to be at least an element, a smidgen, of Turkish music in their repertoire. I don’t have much more on them other than the names of the three band members (see end), that the trio “brings together inspirations from different traditional music into their unique blend,” and that “the listener can take part in a musical journey from East to the West – and North to the South, constantly switching from one inspiration to another.”

There are certainly quite a few twists and turns just on this one track, from heavy violin that becomes mournful, to something that’s danceable, to a double bass/percussion session that might have found its way from a symphonic metal track, to what could be part of the score for the film Lawrence of Arabia.

If this sort of mysterious, west-meets east music is to your taste there’s an entire 10-track album here, for your delectation, in all its many forms.

The trio has worked professionally together for over a decade, playing hundreds of concerts – especially for kids through the nationwide program The Cultural Schoolbag. On their own the musicians have quite a varied musical experience; from touring and performing with the well-known international ensemble Stomp, touring with Norwegian Grammy Award winning blues-acts and playing in different avant-garde electronic music and free jazz projects. This make the musical input of each of the musicians to the trio different and also their musical palette varied.

An.Kara is:

Sebastian Gruchot / Violin

Audun Ramo / Double bass

Arild Nyborg / Percussion

And they seem to have some guest instrumentation as well. I’m sure I heard a harmonium in the very next track. Nice.

Find then on:


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