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Anmar (Denmark) – My Voice (single + video) (Re-post)

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Anmar is Anne Marie Roel Messerschmidt and this is her third single ‘My Voice’ for which she co-opted dancers, singers and a band to make this video. It’s her last single before an EP, ‘This magical place’, is released in mid-May.

She describes the song as being not only a “love mantra for the voice”, but also an expression of the struggle that goes on inside us as we simultaneously try to hold on to and let go of something that is undeniably part of us, whether we like it or not.

It is a continuation of two previous singles, ‘GAIA’ and ‘Lille Pige’, in that it “offers a soundscape that is versatile in its nature, but which contains the same longing to let go and let intuition prevail.”

I can see how the voice can be set free, or restrained (‘hold your tongue’) and how the choice could be a weighty one, with all sorts of implications and ramifications. Think speaking up against a bully or abuser for example, or going against the flow in a political discussion, or parading in Moscow against the war.

It’s an interesting choice for a subject, that’s for sure and it seems it arose out of her experiences as a student when she spent many hours alone with just that voice for company, practicing her scales I suppose.

It’s quite an intellectual subject too and all too often I’ve seen something similar fail to secure popular approval, but this one works fine. Part of the reason is that the song doesn’t come across as a chanted mantra, which it could have done; rather it has several discernible melodies, dictated by its ebb and flow.

Secondly, Anwar’s practice time was well spent. She can sing; that’s without doubt. That voice is sweet but meaty too. I hope she never lets go of it!

And the contribution of the choir (I believe it is The Movement Choir) is perfectly apt, adding muscle where required as well as the surprise ending.

That choir also doubles as dancers in the video, dressed as nomadic wanderers and a collective metaphor for the forces (voices in the head) trying to influence her to hold her tongue

Musically, there several features which help the song stand out from the crowd, including a synthesised version of xylophone or vibraphone and the striking or plucking of cello and violin.

It’s certainly original and for that reason alone I’m glad we will get to hear more of Anwar soon.

Describing herself as a ‘patchwork musician’ who uses multiple tools as if she’s in a playground, Anmar sets out to explore the intersections that stretch between electronic music production, song writing and the written composition. She deals often with existential themes that are filtered through collages of home-recorded samples and soft choir scapes.

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