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Arina Mai (Denmark) – Finally Home (single/track from already released EP)

There is a distinct theme to what Arina Mai does. When she was last here, in November, with ‘Paramount’, she dealt with the need for young folk, especially young girls today, to fight a battle with low self-esteem, to “Create your own identity and invest in yourself. Put it into practice, share it with others and be an inspiration.”

And that theme pops up again here, in ‘Finally Home.’ The subject this time is herself rather than others as she describes the journey ‘home to herself,’ meaning the moment when you feel the freedom that lies in finally letting go of other people’s ideas and attitudes about what you should do, and instead follow your own inner voice.

There are some similarities I suppose with yesterday’s post, the Greenlander Simon Lynge, with his ‘To cross the sea’, in which he also ‘found himself.’

The lyrics aren’t quite as strident and cutting as had been suggested but they are powerful and heartfelt all the same. This is clearly a matter she has invested in deeply and I suspect it will become something of an anthem to those afflicted by a lack of self respect in much the same way as Christina Aguilera/Linda Perry’s ‘Beautiful’ was.

I was also attracted to her vocal capabilities. There is nothing particularly individual about her style but her voice carries a hidden strength. I’m sure she could belt a whole lot harder if she was called upon to do so.

This video is taken from the morning TV show ‘’Go’ Morgen Danmark’, which looks as if it is filmed next to the Tivoli Gardens.

I always look forward to reading the press releases of her PR company, which never keeps its gunpowder dry. In this case it referred to “an otherwise rather God-forsaken Danish music industry, in which Arina Mai is something as unusual as a Christian pop artist, but which “she didn’t enter in order to preach, save or pull Christian messages down on us.”

Actually that’s fine by me. We have featured several openly religious artists and bands. We are a broad church if you’ll pardon the pun.

‘Finally Home’ was released on 19th May as a single.

Live band here:

Magnus Mikkelsen, Sune Rehhoff, Benjamin Jochimsen, Jonas Geertsen, Tobias Bremer Hansen.

Find her on:





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