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Artmade (Sweden) – Daughter (track from the recently released EP RED)

Artmade has just released their EP ‘RED’. They’ve been around for 23 years but there’s been a big gap between their ninth album, the 2013, eponymous, ‘Artmade’ and the tenth one which they decided to divide into three EPs of which ‘RED’ is the first.

Judging from their previous single from the EP, ‘Close to Shame’, this isn’t their usual style, which is a much harder rocking one.

By comparison ‘Daughter’ fluctuates between ballad and lullaby, clearly an ode to said daughter.

It breaks every Spotify rule about getting the listeners’ attention within six seconds with a memorable riff by opening up with a young child’s voice (presumably the daughter in question) that sounds like it should be part of Clive Dunn’s ‘Grandad we love you’ from 1970 or even Daz Sampson’s ‘Teenage Life’, the UK’s Eurovision entry in 2006.

Together with the obvious sentimentality that goes with a song like this it says “this possibly isn’t going to work” but it does. And part of the reason is of course that many people can relate to it and even those that can’t will appreciate that it is heartfelt.

There will probably be a reason why it has been written and recorded now but we aren’t party to that, as it should be.

More material will be released in 2023.

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