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‘Atom’ Chris Dall & Powerband (Denmark) – Ingen sikkerhed (No security) (single/track from forthcoming EP)

We’re back after a night off watching the Euro fest thingy from Scouseland. Well done to Loreen, also Norway’s Alessandra, who finished fifth. Tough luck on Denmark and Iceland, which didn’t get past the semis. No further comment on the Finnish entry.

I wonder how tonight’s featured band would have fared. There were a few rock bands, from Germany (last), Australia (9th) while Irelands’ U2-soundalikes didn’t get past the semis, strangely.

I reckon ‘Atom’ Chris Dall & Powerband could have been in with a shot with this.

Copenhagen-based power trio ‘Atom’ Chris Dalland his Powerband were previously here in November of last year with their debut EP ‘HJERTEBØRN’, where their modus operandi was identified as “embracing garage rock, pop-punk, soul, blues and plenty of noise“.

Now they return with a new single, ‘Ingen sikkerhed’ (‘No security’), one taken from another (third) EP to be released this year and which bears the same hallmarks to which they add “eccentric and gallows humoured lyrics in the native Danish style.”

And they need some humour with ‘sikkerhed’ in the title. What a word that is. It sounds like the sequel to Eraserhead.

I must admit that they lost me with some of the language by which they describe this track. For example, “loosey goosey.” It’s an American phrase for ‘excessively relaxed’ apparently. So Joe Biden could be loosey goosey if you get my drift.

Then, it’s inspired by cowpunk (punk/new wave combined with country, folk or blues) and psychobilly (a rock genre that mixes elements of punk rock, rockabilly, and other genres). Its siblings include thrashabilly, punkabilly, surfabilly and gothabilly. What? And what happened to sillybilly?

All this is new to me. I need to get out more and befriend some Gen-Zers. Alternatively, when I’m elected Prime Minister I could sign an executive order limiting musical genres to five.

Chris Dall says he wrote the song a couple of years ago and that it is written from the point of view of a guy who no longer feels any purpose or connection to what he or his friends are up to, so instead he takes on a childish excitement of watching the whole world collapse.

Well you don’t have to look hard or be particularly observant to witness that.

It’s a ‘doomsday hymn’. To which has been added slide guitar. Presumably to pacify us.

They say they are attracted stylistically to 80s/90s garage rock revival and melodic punk with a 60s beat but what I hear is early 60s Rolling Stones, straight from the opening riff and throughout. I suppose that ‘no security’ beats ‘no satisfaction’ any day.

And there’s a little edginess built into it as well. They could be playing it at Altamont, December 1969. Where there wasn’t any security unless you count the San Francisco Chapter of the Angels that way. Close your eyes and imagine that Jagger could sing in Danish and see what happens.

And that bass, courtesy of new member Flavio Galgano, has the sticky fingers of Bill Wyman plastered all over it.

If this style is your bag you can’t go wrong with Atom Chris Dall & Powerband from what I’ve heard so far.

I’m kinda hoping they might give us a live show or two in the not too distant future.

‘Ingen sikkerhed’ was released on May 12th on most streaming platforms.

Find them on:




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