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‘Atom’ Chris Dall & Powerband (Denmark) – Selvfedisme (single)

Last time out power trio ‘Atom’ Chris Dall & Powerband were singing about ‘Ingen sikkerhed’, which means ‘no security.’

Now they turn their attention to ‘Selvfedisme’, a sinister sounding Danish made up word, which translates approximately into “cockiness” or “up my own arse-ism”).

Or does it? A quick read through the press kit brings up (pardon the pun) an alternative explanation of the song’s meaning, one that might be translated as “lack of cockiness”, in other words performance anxiety or the inability to, er, rise to the occasion.

I remember being accused of that once just off the Reeperbahn during the annual music festival there when I was approached by a ‘lady of the night’; petite, charming and stunningly pretty as I remember, but I was rushing on my way to see a band I just couldn’t miss. Her curt one word response to my regretful rebuttal, accompanied by a world weary shrug of the shoulders, was a gem – “Englander.” The Englisch, you see, can never keep their end up.

But I digress.

‘Selvfedisme’ is another single from the ‘garage rock/beat punk’ band’s forthcoming and third EP and was inspired by the likes of T. Rex and Ty Segall.

Now Ty Segall I know little of but I was brought up in the age of T. Rex and, the heavier, less glam rock Tyrannosaurus Rex before them.

This song has that heavier T. Rex vibe stamped all the way through it and especially in the guitar riff after a healthy bluesy opening, together with elements of the Quo, Adam and the Ants and Slade. It’s like stepping into a time machine and journeying back into the 1970s for four minutes.

But it isn’t over yet. There’s a stonking trumpet contribution courtesy of Jonas Kristensen and a couple of little sections – you’ll have to listen out carefully for them – when the lead guitar channels George Harrison’s ‘recorded with the door closed or in another studio’ contribution on ‘Revolution.’ That’s down to producer, mixer and masterer Marcus Ferreira, I guess.

The whole thing is a tour de force of historical rock offered up in a garage wrapping. So it’s in Danish. So what?

I think these lads have missed their way. They really should be playing the Butlins Music Holiday weekends in the UK, which get rammed out with huge audiences. They’d set the place on fire. I see there’s a 1970s weekender coming up at Minehead at the end of September.


‘Selvfedisme’ was released on 14 July 2023 on all streaming services.

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