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Between Mermaids and Me (Denmark) – somethingaboutyousomethingaboutme (single)

Well that’s a mouthful, isn’t it? And I’ve seen the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, which is, let’s just say, underwhelming.

But Between Mermaids and Me is a duo (Andreas Pilgaard and Stine Drejer) from Aarhus, which some argue to be Denmark’s real ‘music city’ and are classified as ‘Glitch-Pop’ which is a genre I haven’t come across frequently. I’ve got a steep learning curve in front of me tonight.

BMaM is the latest signing to the hfn music label in Hamburg, which specialises in Danish artists, several of whom you will have read about here. They often support slightly off the wall artists (think for example of Jacob Bellens, Frum and Lydmor) and I was forewarned about BMaM when I read that “the duo – the synthesis of a colourful, female producer and an experimental drummer- is the sound of controlled chaos, the limitless and the experimental.”

The way ‘somethingaboutyousomethingaboutme’ starts off is fairly routine EDM/IDM, pleasant but not extraordinary, and definitely under control. Then about a minute in an electronic bass beat kicks in and not long after that all sorts of instrumental and vocal distortions (the ‘glitchy’ bit) until it sounds like an out of control cyborg that has short circuited. The final section, after Stine’s vocal has come back in, is edgy and disturbing, as if you’ve suddenly wandered unwittingly into a room in the Berghain basement which is VERBOTEN!

They say it is “a song about that indescribable spark; you don’t know what it is exactly, you just know there is something”. And you know what? They’ve captured and bottled that je ne sais quoi, perfectly.

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