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Birds are Better (Norway) – Everland (single)

So many tracks, so little time. I could easily have featured both of the latest singles by Birds are Better (Stian Fjelldal).

He always hits the sweet spot with his cleverly crafted little ditties which arguably in some ways take over where the Beatles left off. And yes, that is a serious comment.

A brief word about the one we aren’t considering tonight, ‘Falling Through’ which has the same laid back quality to it as ‘More fool me’ the Genesis track which made Phil Collins; the other band members suddenly realising that he could sing. When you’ve finished with ‘Everland’ be sure to listen to it.

So what is ‘Everland’? Frankly my dear I don’t have a clue, I’ve no lyric sheet and decades misspent at loud gigs have left me partially deaf. I’d guess it is about a mystical place, the antithesis of Neverland, which has bad connotations if you know what I mean Bubbles, and which has cropped up in songs by Marillion, Zendaya and indirectly by Nightwish in ‘Storytime’, not to mention the Peter Pan musical.

Everland exists as well online and in Korea as a theme park but Stian paints a picture here of a utopian vision, somewhere along the yellow brick road and over the rainbow, where everything gets paid forward, not back.

At least that’s how it comes across although the meaning might be quite different!

What there’s no doubt about, and even though I’ve mentioned the Beatles and Genesis already, is that with this one he’s managed to parody The Kinks to perfection.

Is there no limit to his talent?

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