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Bobby Sommerstein (Sweden) – Where did you go (Single)

With the Scandinavian countries’ extensive July/August vacation period coming to an end I had plenty of choice tonight including a cover of a song by The Cure with an intriguing video and a low-fi indie song with a New Order bass line from a Norwegian girl who is the latest to be touted as ‘the next big thing.’

In the end I opted for a single by Bobby Sommerstein who contacted me by email with a brief, to the point message asking if I would comment on his latest song, ‘Where did you go’. Frankly, I’d never heard of Bobby but I was impressed by his website, even if his life story does drag on a bit.

He’s certainly done the rounds over many years with numerous bands.

I guess from the website that he tends to specialise in covers, there are several of them there that are accessible including songs by The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Turtles and The Move.

You get the idea. Melodic soft rock is his style.

‘Where did you go’ is his own work, with lyrics by Maria Berninder.

Lyrically It’s a tad schmaltzy, in the way of Lobo’s ‘Me, you and a dog named Boo’, but musically it hangs together well, an amalgam of 1960s UK band pop and present day Americana.

We get more than our fair share of heavy duty stuff at NMC which often needs destructuring even to unravel the basic gist and it’s a nice break to receive a sing-along reminiscence of simpler days, a story of a youthful amorous pursuit of the girl on the rusty bike with red hair and baby blue eyes. Where is she now? Don’t we all wonder that sometimes about lost loves?

There’s a degree of innocence about it that you just don’t get in so many songs today in this “messed up world”. It’s almost a collector’s item.

Chill and enjoy.

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