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Brimheim (Faroe Islands/Denmark) – this week’s laundry (single/track from forthcoming album)

Brimheim is heading rapidly towards the release of her debut album on 28th January and this will be the last single from it, a “teaser” as she says.

I’ll say straight off I’ve been impressed by what I’ve heard from Brimheim so far and if she can keep this standard up throughout the album she should certainly put down a marker for years to come. As I said in the last review (‘hey amanda’) there is a ready market here in the UK for expressive queer pop, with no-one really cornering the market currently in the alt-pop domain. It’s just a question of finding the right DJ to promote you and if there isn’t one who can see her talent then ‘why not?’ should be a conversation, to use the current patois.

I’m not quite sure how to classify Brimheim. I have a penchant for Joni Mitchell in some ways, especially for her cute lyricism, but Brimheim rocks more; her songs always build up a head of steam without the melody ever losing its thread.

She’s also put together a nifty band to work with her. The juxtaposition of jangly piano chords here with powerful percussion works a treat, adding ample support to her mellow and engaging vocal.

And she’s confident about what she’s about to serve up. “Boy oh boy is the new stuff gonna blow your brains” she says. Nothing wrong with that.

‘this week’s laundry’ is available now.

 ‘can’t hate myself into a different shape’ is available on 28th January via W.A.S Entertainment.

she’s so obsessed with lower case by the way that i’m going to write the album review that way as well. quid pro quo, clarice, quid pro quo.

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