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Coma Talk (Finland) – Prodigious (single) ft. Markus Perttula

Coma Talk (Yrjö Korenius) is hardly prodigious. He’s only been around making his electronic music since last year, but I’m sure he will be.

Here he teams up with Markus Pettula on vocals, a name I thought I recognised and indeed he was here back in April when we noted his penchant for arrangements that combine alt rock, indie folk and chamber pop. He also writes and performs predominantly in Finnish.

There’s no need for his home language here. Coma Talk writes fluently in English and sings confidently a straight up electro pop banger to an A-ha beat and arrangement and with a hint of 1980s retro about it.

Never one to be great at interpreting lyrics, I assume he’s referring to her and her relationship habits in the title while her prodigiousness (is there such a word?) unfortunately does not extend to him. Perhaps she’s been getting coma talk rather than pillow talk.

That generates an angst and sense of urgency in him that consistently permeates the track.

But for all its gravitas he’s remarkably upbeat, too. And it’s danceable at a pinch.

I’d recommend shortening it a little, closer to three minutes on a radio edit because there are radio DJs here who will play it I reckon.

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