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Daniella Binyamin (Sweden) – Toothpaste Kisses (single)

NMC welcomes onboard James, creator of the excellent BOOT—MUSIC, and based also in the Northwest of England, who will be contributing reviews of Nordic artists and bands.

In his first piece James goes back a couple of months to a Swedish artist I hadn’t come across previously, Daniella Binyamin, who released her second single, Toothpaste Kisses, in June.

Indie Pop songwriter Daniella Binyamin has immediately gathered attention for the uplifting cinematic sounds that her first single creates.‘Grand Hotel’begins with a playful piano line that pits deep chords against bright, dreamy melody. Meanwhile, Daniella’s vocals intersect with an innocent and angelic tone comparable to Sigrid’s more introspective moments. There is an audible cute smile radiating from the opening sound and that smile is infectious. However, it is not long before a more contemplative mood takes over with a slight atmospheric change in the piano and the lyrics “I don’t wanna go losing feelings, getting old”. This debut demonstrated her emotional versatility and intelligent songwriting.

Now, her second single ‘Toothpaste Kisses’ has arrived and it has backed up the widespread industry claims that she has something special to offer. This new track dances along with a bright piano line which is becoming her instrumental trademark. Her vocals land a little less intimate this time round though, matching the upbeat energy of the piano with a melodic flourish. The song then grows in confidence and drama. Strings swell in the background and anthemic orchestral percussion peppers. It culminates in a fantastically dramatic soundscape packed full of emotion and wonder, the perfect soundtrack to your favourite TV show’s big finale.

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Photo: Oliver Olsson.

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