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Dear Amber (Denmark) – Roadkill (single/track from forthcoming album)

I’ll tell you this. It takes some balls to release an alt-rock single on the 2022nd anniversary of Baby Jesus rocking in his manger in the stable; donkeys, Joseph and Mary, Star of Bethlehem, three Wise Men ‘n all. And especially when you call it ‘Roadkill’, which is what the aforementioned BJ would have been if Herod had got his way.

But for those who just desire some normality to return, this track is heaven-sent.

The Copenhagen-based four-piece Dear Amber seems to have a curious obsession with roads and what can happen on them. I note other tracks called ‘Rear-end collision’, ‘Stowaways’, ‘Nothing’s bent, just broken’, and ‘The End of Us’, which puts me in mind of several ‘Final Destination’ movies.

How do you like your rock? Jangly guitar? Bass lines that loosen your dental fillings? Gravelly vocals? Snare and hi-hat-heavy drum beat?

They’re all here, along with a shed load of melody. Or at least a lot more tune and musical change of direction than you’d expect.

There’s an odd bridge half way through where it goes all soft rock for a short while but before you can say Sarah Lund a metal riff appears out of nowhere and leads on to a mighty anthemic and reverb-replete conclusion. The driver must have seen a herd of moose on the road ahead.

What’s it all about? I haven’t a clue. I can’t decipher a word and reading the lyrics didn’t help much either. But at the end of the day it’s only rock and roll and I like it.

Good song. Pure and simple. It’s a taste of the album ‘Echoes always fade’, to be released next year.

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