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Dicte (Denmark) – Bring back my man (single/track on forthcoming album)

You can’t really ignore a PR entreaty that asks you to “imagine if Nick Cave had a sex change and recorded an 007 song”.

I’ll stick with the Bond tune; I can’t imagine Nicola Cave.

‘Bring Back My Man’ is the second track from a forthcoming album by Dicte (Westergaard Madsen), which will be her ninth studio album and which is set for release on May 24th and it concerns “an unhealthy yet indispensable romance.”

She says the lyrics personify what she calls ‘Mr. Tainted Love’, which might drag Marc Almond and Dave Ball into the equation in some calculations, namely the person you have a very special love for, but where the relationship is as unhealthy as it is alluring. So she’s standing by her man as much as demanding he be brought back. Sorry, Tammy.

I reckon most of us have been there.

It’s uncompromising right from the start, with an unrelenting bass line pounding out, then complemented by a Beatles-like orchestration. Is it a chamberlin? Just wondering.

She’s taking no prisoners in this song and that shines through mightily, as her conscience weighs up the benefits of being with her man or without him, and as she battles her own alter ego.

Musically, it falls somewhere in that no-man’s land between rock and Americana. It’s also highly stylised vocally in the manner of someone like, well, yes, Nick Cave but also Elkie Brooks. For Nordic readers who don’t know Elkie she’s an English rock, blues and jazz singer, a tough cookie from my neck of the woods, one of the best singers we ever produced with a phenomenal grizzly voice and who is still performing live at almost 80. She was once in a band called Wet Willie. You get the idea.

Indeed, I reckon Elkie would relish singing this song.

So, Dicte, that analogy is gold, believe me.

Could it be a Bond theme? No doubt about it. Moneypenny might sing it.

Over to you, Ms Broccoli.

‘Bring Back My Man’ was released on Stunt Records on January 5th.

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