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Dragongirl (Denmark/Norway) – Monster Prom (single/final track from forthcoming album)

A Monday night might not be bested suited to a bit of EDM in case everyone is inspired to head down the local club instead of getting some shuteye before work, but here we go anyway.

Dragongirl (the composer, producer and artist Nikoline Ursin Erichsen) has been here before, last November as it happens, with a song, ‘Isolde’s greatest challenge’, which challenged both the dancing crowd and the focused listener to find common ground, and she did just that, very successfully.

Now she’s back with what will be her final single before an album is released on 26th May.

Her minimalistic but powerful, tuneful music is evocative. I mentioned last time that during ‘Isolde’s greatest challenge’ the early part could be the soundtrack to the scene in 2001 – A Space Odyssey where astronaut Bowman goes via the monolith portal into the Stargate. If you’ve seen the film you’ll know what I mean.

Nothing quite so interplanetary here but ‘Monster Prom’ could be a monster truck the way it comes out of the starting gate and with an amplified tachycardic heartbeat punctuated by a spot of heavy breathing that isn’t a million miles from Dragonette’s ‘Hello.’

These dragons get anywhere.

Then the synths come in and we’re in the grandiose, bombastic layered sound domain of the likes of 1970s Jean Michel Jarre and with a percussive effect that sounds like a machine gun going off. It would fit any of n ‘Nam and latterly Gulf war films, or perhaps the yet untold story of a forthcoming spring offensive.

Not that I think for a second that Dragongirl would endorse any sort of conflict but she’s peddling fantasy and those fantasies have endless ways of manifesting themselves.

The album ’hot blue’ is out May 26th.

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