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Elin Iren (Norway) – Stuck (single)

I got stuck as well, but finally got around to reviewing this song. It’s a great name for an artist. Shades of Irn Bru.

Elin Iren seems to be having some sort of Groundhog Day experience in ‘Stuck’ but first a little about her. It seems she quit the music scene on the back of a toxic personal relationship that it took her years to get over, but finally did, with a little help from her friends.

This is her second single, she’s evidently proud of it, and justifiably so, and it concerns being stuck in the same emotion or train of thought over and over again. Where the radio wakes you up at 6am with ‘I got you babe’ every day.

It did her no harm at all for me to read in her PR notes that she is inspired by the likes of Aurora, Susanne Sundfør, and Highasakite; a sort of Holy Trinity of Norwegian Music of the last decade or so.

The big production values these artists are noted for are in evidence from the very opening bars. I thought ‘Stuck’ was about to leap suddenly into Toto’s ‘Africa’ for a second.

More often than not it is the chorus that makes the song but in this instance as melodic as it is, it is a little formulaic, in contrast to the splendidly inventive verses.

Vocally, she nails it. Her voice is endearing and utterly convincing.

I’m a little disappointed that ‘Stuck’ gets somewhat unstuck at the end by fading out into anonymity but that’s a minor grumble.

Generally speaking the song demonstrates a great deal of promise from someone who can adapt the collective talents of established artists and in a manner that is unassailably hers.

“Never give up,” says Elin about the song, unintentionally parodying Galaxy Quest. She won’t need to. She’s here to stay.

‘Stuck’ is available on all digital streaming services.

Find her on:



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