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Federation (Sweden) – Walls of Gold (single/track from forthcoming album)

This is the fourth and last single from Federation’s album ‘Heartfelt’ before its imminent release on 1st June.

Regular readers (I hope there still are some) will remember the band was here about six weeks ago with the title track to the album. They are fearlessly and infamously a non-acoustic band; a D-I-Y group which does everything for itself (although at length, the album took a decade to write and record) and which prefers the call of the lesser-spotted synthesiser to perform their pop/rock/punk  amalgam.

I quickly figured out last time that they are a little old-fashioned, both in their appearance and in the construction of their songs. So what about this one?

On that occasion I compared them to a German psychy Krautrock band I’d seen performing in a dingy club in the Hamburg boondocks when I was a kid on a twin-town trip many moons ago. ‘Walls of Gold’ is far more in your face, a hard rocker more in keeping with the product of MFMB, a band from the same small Swedish town and which shares one of their members, Vic Narin.

I was particularly impressed with the drummer here. Keeping exactly the same fast beat for three and a half minutes can’t be easy.

I reckon they had some fun with this song and the video, produced by the band in conjunction with Lamin Cassama and Johan Nurmiletho, is well worth watching. It’s a mash-up of The Sweeney, the 1970s British TV cop drama, and Night of the Living Dead with a dash of Texas Chainsaw Massacre thrown in for good measure.

About halfway through they all take a break to imitate Bez from the Happy Mondays.

And what’s he taking out of the boot at the end? Body parts?

Don’t have nightmares.

The band consists of Nisse Axman and siblings Vic Narin (who is also a member of MFMB) and Daniel Nilsson-Wallin. The trio has played in multiple bands together since they were teenagers, growing up in the small town of Bollnäs, Sweden.

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