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Fie Eike (Denmark) – Deep End (single/future album track)

Fie Eike’s first single, ‘The Nile’, from her forthcoming and self produced debut album, came under our gaze back in January. It was a dark mysterious tale about welcoming that darkness rather than fleeing from it and facing up to your fears. A foreboding piece of work that would suit a Ghost Train funfair ride, I opined.

Two other singles later (one of which was called ‘The Water’, you can see the theme developing), and which we managed to miss), here is the fourth, ‘Deep End’, which she promotes as “a voyage of discovery through the deepest depths, where all life, light and creation begins.”

There has been a plethora of songs about swimming in waters which vary from swimming pools to the crashing waves one associates with surfing. Indeed, I mentioned one of them only last night, Emmy the Great’s lush ‘Swimming Pool’ which held a dark secret.

Another equally lush one is a track with exactly the same title, on Anna Calvi’s 2018 album ‘Hunter.’ Both of them can give you the sensation of dipping into one on a boiling hot day (we don’t see many of those in the UK, global warming or not).

Fie Eike’s easel and palette is a much bigger one, despite its title, and not the Nile either, this time. Rather it is the ocean, which she describes as her compass and the song is “a voyage of discovery through the deepest depths, where all life, light and creation begins”.

There is something mysterious too about oceans. They are after all the last great frontier for mankind. We’ve been on just about every part of the surface other than some parts of the Arctic and Antarctic and somehow managed to screw them up wherever we’ve left our imprint. Much of the oceans remain to be explored and you don’t do that from the shallow end.

Is the song merely praise for these last great unexplored regions?

Or is there a hidden meaning? Namely that this is what she is referring to by way of allegory in these sparse lyrics? That the “sun/heart that takes me higher” which she seeks to find through her deep diving is a form of personal bliss or rapture; a love that knows no bounds?

I don’t know, but she does a bloody good job of creating that imagery.

Two observations:

  1. Listen to this piece with your significant other in a darkened room, with a fish tank and lit otherwise only by a scented candle, for maximum effect;
  2. This track will appear in a movie or TV drama one day, probably soon. They just haven’t written it yet.

Her debut album has received support from KODA Kultur and the Danish Musicians’ Union.

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