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Glimtvis (Denmark) – Hurricane Wall (focus track from EP Weren’t we just dancing?)

This is another one I’d missed just recently but glad to have caught up again with Glimtvis whom we’ve featured several times with singles that later turned up on this EP, ‘Weren’t we just dancing?’, including the title track.

I’ve singled out GLIMTVIS previously for their intelligent pop in which they, in their own words, “try to put words and melody to the parts of adult life that we typically don’t share on social media.” From what I see on SM there isn’t much that isn’t hung out there these days, although I do concur with their sentiment.

And they go to the trouble of listing examples – the part of the divorce that hurts bad; the uncertainty of trying to find a new “one and only”; being the last one at the bar and going home alone, even if you were the one standing in the spotlight (that immediately makes me think of ‘Piano Man’); to make peace with yourself; not to use too much energy hating your ‘ex’; to fall in love – or maybe not to; and to feel out of place in what is supposed to be this ‘grown up’ life.

Deep stuff; and the sort of things that probably cross the mind of most people at some time or other before they are rapidly overwhelmed by the whirl of everyday life.

The single ‘Hurricane Wall’ is the focus track on the six-track EP. One of the reasons I selected it here might turn out to be a contentious one but we’ll see how it goes.

The song “is about being caught in an emotional storm that you don’t quite know how you ended up in. About feeling nailed to the ground and trying to stay away from the walls of the hurricane so you don’t get torn apart. About feeling small and attacked with no way out. But also about finding the strength to fight back amidst the frustration.”

That is so prescient because it must have been written some time ago and yet it bears a close relationship to the sentiments expressed in the lyrics to the Israeli Eurovision entry, ‘Hurricane’, which is concerned with the taking of hostages at the music festival and the wish to get them back unharmed (nothing to do with bombing the crap out of Gaza as some would have you believe).

That’s where the similarities end though because unlike the power ballad, Glimtvis’ hurricane is a bluesy number with a heavy fuzzy guitar contribution that could have been developed in the experimental heavy music lab in the heavy music department at the University of Heavy Music by a PhD student cum laude.

It’s heavy. And it rocks. And there are strong melodies. And great vibes. And the vocals are just so. If the Stones suddenly put this out to celebrate their 100th anniversary or whatever it would be the talk of the business.

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