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Heidrunna (Iceland) – Daydreamer (single/track from forthcoming album)

Heidrunna is now officially the most played artist on this site, I reckon this is her fifth time out. And there’s a very good reason, namely that she is so easy to listen to. The world and its problems just slide into a box to be hidden away for a few minutes. If only they could bottle that talent.

After yesterday’s ‘Weekend Intermissions’, which were songs by Ukrainian bands or about war and repression, it’s like feeling the sun on your back for the first time after a long, hard winter.

This latest song of hers, ‘Daydreamer’, is an exemplar. Ostensibly, it is a love song about meeting somebody and having a romance, having some fun and wanting to do that all over again. But, she says “…of course like most of my songs, it has a bit of a sad ending.”

She adds she just started humming the melody while walking home one sunny day and went straight to the piano and played it.

It sounds oh so simple to say this but this song really isn’t from this era. It belongs in one of innocence, where you didn’t have to lock your door every time you went round to the corner shop for a loaf of bread and where children could frolic around in the fields until the sun went down safe in the knowledge they wouldn’t attract the attention of those with malicious intent.

The melody is simple, the lyrics are simple, the vocal could be early Blondie or even Madonna. It won’t tax you intellectually, but who wants to be taxed?

‘Daydreamer’ is available now and is taken from Heidrunna’s debut album ‘Melodramatic’, set for release on April 21st 2022.

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