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Heidrunna (Iceland) YCBCC (single)

Heidrunna (Iceland) YCBCC (single)

Readers might remember Heidrunna (Heidrun Anna Bjornsdottir) from this time last year, she was featured quite often with singles which later ended up on a debut album, ‘Melodramatic’, and I think she became the most published artist for a while.

She’s developed a trademark synth pop style with 1980s overtones (nothing wrong with that) and I observed that, unusually for an Icelandic artist, she was capable of delivering both the eclectic and the mainstream. Most Icelandic musicians seem to me to be a little off the wall in one way or another and that’s what they do but Heidrunna is quite capable of following a straight Euro pop style when she wants to.

‘YCBCC’ is lusher and in places rockier than I recall previous songs of hers, courtesy of a heavy bass and percussion contribution, while still retaining an historical pop cachet.  

In it she reminisces in a melancholy fashion on a relationship that never was while drowning in the nostalgia of what could have been.

I note that she has developed a fascination for ‘greatest hits’ records which manifested itself on  ‘Melodramatic’ while also seeking  inspiration from the likes of Beach House, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lykke Li, Vanessa Paradis and The Weeknd. I’ve taken that directly from the press release I received because if there’s one artist above all that I hear on this song it’s Paradis. She’s conjured up her suave breathlessness precisely. Taxi for Joe!

What does ‘YCBCC’ mean? I trawled through Google (other search engines are available) for a clue but to no avail. YCbCc colour space is a stenographic technique but I don’t think that’s it, somehow. Perhaps it’s the latest acronym coming from Gen Z. You can be something? A blind copy attached to something? Dunno.

Finally I got it from the lyrics. “You’re close but come closer (to me).” Doh! Definite material for a Rom-Com I’d have thought.

She plays her first London live show at Hackney’s Paper Dress Vintage on March 8th. I think she might live in the UK now?

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