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“Hello, good evening and welcome…”

…as David Frost used to say, and yes I am old enough to remember him!
This is the first ever post in Nordic Music Central, the new vehicle for news and reviews of artists and
bands from the Nordic countries.

To find out more about NMC and how it came about please refer to the ‘About/Contact’ page.
I intend to cover a wide range of differing styles and ‘genres’ – they seem to be merging anyway. I
generally stay away from rap, grime and even hip hop because I don’t really understand those styles but
otherwise I’m game for anything.

In the main you’ll be reading about Indie Pop and Indie Rock as that’s what I’m most comfortable with
but there will be power ballads, jazz, prog, metal, folk, Americana, electronica, classical, dance…you
name it. There’s a lot of stuff coming out of the Nordics!

The reviews will be predominantly of Nordic artists but there will be an occasional place for non-Nordic
ones, too, under the branding ‘Weekend Intermission’.

There are no limits on how frequently an artist can appear here (I know some publications do impose
such rules). If I like an artist/band sufficiently they’ll be in here often for the simple reason that I reckon
you will like them, too! (I trust my judgement, that’s why most music writers/critics do this, honestly!).
I might post a few selective ‘historical/archived’ articles too, perhaps going back as far as when I first
started doing this in 2014 and there will always be the opportunity for ‘Down Memory Lane’ type
features and for artists themselves to do a bit of writing about their own favourite music.

I’m no prude and I’m happy to review songs and albums with choice language as long as it is meaningful
and relevant (and I’m not averse to using some myself, sparingly and appropriately). If a song’s a litany
of pointless potty-mouthed ranting though, you won’t be reading about it here!

Artists and PR representatives please send notifications to [email protected] or use the
contact page here. Eventually I’ll get around to other submission methods like SubmitHub and there will
be social media sites set up soon as well but that email address is the go-to for now.
I’m starting this off on my own and it may well stay that way. For that reason I’ll usually be limited to
one post a day, possibly a couple at weekends. So bear with me, if you don’t get published; it will
probably be simply lack of time that is the reason.

So, what do we kick off with? The last review I wrote before launching NMC came out of Norway in the
form of father/daughter duo Eberson. The ‘daughter’ part of that equation, Marte, was once part of the
successful band Highasakite along with the first artist in NMC, Øystein Skar, who recently released his
excellent debut EP, ‘Seed X’, under the moniker SkarWorX.

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