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Ida Wenøe (Demark) – With the Wind (single/track from forthcoming album)

We’re firmly rooted in Denmark momentarily with Astrid Cordes last night and now it is the turn of ‘With the Wind’, the new single by Ida Wenøe, and the first to be taken from the singer-songwriter’s third studio album ‘Undersea’, coming out via Songcrafter Music on 6th October 2023.

I wasn’t certain if folk-noir specialist Ida had featured in NMC previously but indeed she did, in early February 2022, with the song ‘Lyla’, a collaboration with Scottish lass Samantha Whates who plays flute and provides backing vocals on the forthcoming album.

There are two things I’ve noticed about Ida previously. Firstly, her rather special vocal capabilities. I’ve remarked that she could sing the telephone directory to me and here she is in full lullaby mode. It flows like honey off the comb and it is easy to overlook the edginess in some of her lyrics.

The other is the almost Gaelic atmosphere she creates and noticeably so here with her instrumental choice of guitar, violin (by Hal Parfitt-Murray) and flute. ‘With the Wind’ was written and recorded in two old summer houses on the west coast of Jutland, but the synergy creates something that would be equally at home on the west coast of Scotland or Ireland, as the theme tune to sentimental TV dramas Ballykissangel or Doctor Finlay’s Casebook. (And if you’re old enough to remember the latter, congratulations)!

Nature, wild water and the range of human emotion are the focus of the songs on the album with the sounds of the trees, ocean, birds and stormy weather all making cameo appearances although not on this track that I could hear.

Of the song Ida says “When the heart lies heavy in your chest, and you long for lightness, the thought of leaving it in the hands of nature is alluring – even if it means giving up all self-control. Because even freedom comes with a price. As does love. With string instruments intertwined like overgrown wild rose hip bushes, ‘With the Wind’ is searching for that place of peace.”

Fair enough, I surrender my self control. Be gentle with me.

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