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I’m Looking for Writers

Nordic Music Central is growing faster than I expected. I’ve been blindsided.

Keeping up with all the great music coming out of the five countries is proving difficult.

So if you have an interest in that music (preferably Indie-rock/pop but we’re a broad church!) and would like to write for NMC, drop me a line at [email protected].

For reviews of singles, EPs and albums, live shows and festivals, also interviews and special features.

If you’re an old hand at this then all the better but no experience is required if you’re just starting out.

There isn’t much in the way of rules and regulations either, or editing on my part; as long as you don’t write anything that could get me up before the Beak facing a lawsuit!

It has to be a voluntary thing, there’s hardly any money in this for anyone but I have signed up with at least one track submission site where it might be possible to earn a small amount when that gets going.

But essentially you’d be writing for the love if it, which is what it should be!



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