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Introducing ‘Read All About It’ – public relations for musicians from the Nordic countries

David Bentley, founder of Nordic Music Central and a writer for six other UK-based music publications since 2014, has initiated ‘Read All About It‘, a public relations service for musicians from the Nordic countries that wish to publicise themselves specifically within the UK and Ireland.

Promotion in other countries will be added later.

The target market (400+ addresses to start) will include national and regional newspapers and magazines (music/arts correspondents), e-zines, blogs, and audiovisual media

For the promotion of singles, EPs, full length albums, videos, live performances/tours/festivals and other artist/band news.

Attractive rates are offered.

The services are geared specifically towards artists and bands which have no UK representation at present.


For more information contact me by email: [email protected] or via Facebook

I look forward to hearing from you.


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