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Joe Carnwath (Sweden) – Someone to talk to (single)

The Anglo-Swedish Joe Carnwath is back and this time he isn’t busking in a railway underpass as he was during his last video (May); he’s moved on.

Indeed there’s no video for this one, and little in the way of information as to exactly what it’s about. Loneliness I guess. If you enter ‘someone to talk to’ in Google (other search engines are available) it takes you straight to the Samaritans.

It starts off in Bossa Nova time and style but it isn’t long before Joe’s trademark soft rock melodies intervene. He sure knows how to find a tune. It’s straight out of the mid 70s to 80s like its predecessor ‘Winding up the backswing,’ and you could easily imagine John Denver or Glen Campbell singing it.

And since he’s looking for ‘Someone to talk to’ I can confirm that Joe knows how to tell a story, with a witty line in lyricism.

The other thing that immediately stands out with Joe is that his production standards are always high. No bedroom pop here, thank you. The previous song was mixed by Lasse Mårtén who has worked with the likes of Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn & John, and Franz Ferdinand. I’m assuming it’s the same here.

And I just have to comment on the imagery he’s used to promote the song on Spotify, with him making a call from a traditional British red telephone box, which have all but disappeared now in favour of those pesky little hand-held devices. So reminiscent of Peter Gabriel’s seminal performance of ‘Come talk to me’ with Paula Cole on his Real World Tour back in 1992. Brilliant.

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