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Johanna Brun (Sweden) – The Silence Roar (single/future album track)

‘The Silence Roar’ is the third, and I suspect possibly the last, in the (current trilogy of) singles being released in anticipation of  Johanna Brun’s debut album later this year, and it is truly the icing on the cake.

The previous two singles, the perennial ‘Bird’ and the more recent ‘Prophecy’, were concerned with distressing incidents and times in her younger life, how she faced them down and how that made her what she is today.

Now she turns her attention elsewhere, specifically to nature, by writing and playing a tribute to it. This probably seems a weird analogy but her unyielding attraction to Nordic nature here is as evident as was that of the 1970s British prog-rock band Genesis in their seminal song ‘Firth of Fifth’ to the Scottish countryside.

And she went so far as to use nature as a musical instrument with some selective and choice recordings that blend perfectly with the music.

Both songs, as vastly different in nature as they are, share a commonality; namely that of the power of inspiration. If Johanna Brun doesn’t stir and enthuse you then no-one will.

The silence does indeed roar eventually but you have to wait for it while Johanna takes you through a virtual countryside meander that’s better for your soul even than any trekking along the Kungsleden, Sweden’s longest long-distance trail.

And when it does finally arrive, as the dramatic outro, it takes your breath away to the same degree of intensity.

A word about the production, which comes courtesy of Joakim Paasonen, who last year was named Young Swedish Composer and who is already hired this year by revered veteran Di Leva for string arrangements on a forthcoming summer single.

The production on the previous two singles was quite heavy with considerable emphasis on synthesiser parts over a strong strings presence and quite different from early demo versions. Arguably they were a tad over-produced.

On ‘The Silence Roar’ he’s got it exactly right with lighter strings and acoustic guitar providing the backing right up to that final explosion, what the TV weather presenters might call ‘Storm Johanna.’

‘The Silence Roar’ is released on 27th March on the Comedia label.

Contrary to what the photo above might suggest Johanna is alive and well and hasn’t expired during a stroll in a Swedish forest. On April 4th, she will play an intimate gig with band and a string quartet at Lykke in Stockholm and on 15th May, she will give a concert at Biblioteket Live, Stockholm. Incidentally, both are likely to feature Mr Paasonen, who plays guitar in her band, too.

And after that she can write the sequel, ‘(Hear) the Audience Roar’.




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  1. “And after THIS intelligent review, she can write the sequel, ‘(Hear) the Records Company Representative Roar’. THANKS for your kind words, David!

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