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Jonas Sjøvaag (Norway) – Nineteen (single)

Who was it that sang “n-n-n-n-nineteen”? Yep, Paul Hardcastle, kindly informing us that was the average age of the US General Infantryman in the Vietnam War.

A useless piece of information I fear because Jonas Sjøvaag’s single has nothing to do with ‘Nam. He comments cryptically that “‘Nineteen’ will probably not make sense to anyone under 35” and is thus one “with a built-in age limit; a rare treat.”

Just for a second that comment caused me to wonder if he’d concocted some sort of follow up to Hardcastle’s effort (which Generation XYZ probably wouldn’t ‘get’) but it seems he’s merely referring to anyone who lacks the years and experience the song requires and to the smoky backstreet jazz/ piano bar style of the piece. He could be in Oslo or New Orleans, there’s no knowing. And Satchmo’s waiting in the wings for his turn, practicing ‘What a wonderful world.’

Jonas bills the song as one that “ignites the need for red wine and a crackling fireplace” and definitively places it as “not a Christmas song, but one that still goes well with dark December evenings.”

And it undoubtedly does. But it is so smoochy that it really belongs in front of that crackling fireplace on Valentine’s Day as it celebrates the enduring love of the ageing couple. He croons…

“I don’t know how you try/to pull off those little lies/though I do love those lines under your eyes/when you smile”.

“To me you always look 19/no matter how much time has passed by/oh, in between…”

It’s straight out of a 1950s Hollywood epic, starring Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly. And classy. Very classy.

And then to top it all there’s a stonking sax/piano duet in the middle that’s worth the admission money on its own.

He will be releasing several singles in the coming months leading up to a full album release some time in the spring of next year.

Jonas Sjøvaag – drums, vocals

Andreas Ulvo – piano

Mats Eilertsen – bass

Jørgen Munkeby – sax.

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