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Jonsson United (Sweden) – Hoppsan för helvete (single)

Jonsson United (Sweden) – Hoppsan för helvete (single)

Mr Google offers ‘Whoop the hell’ but I’m assured by the band that ‘Hoppsan för helvete’ translates best as ‘Whoops, damn it’, which could be a latter day Britney Spears song.

In the past I’ve compared the north Sweden based band to a football team, as indeed they do in their PR. And just as Manchester United and Newcastle United are both on a roll at the moment so are Jonsson United.

With this one they keep you guessing as to its meaning but drop hints that it concerns trial and error; agreement and disagreement; and finding the time to think through problems to find the optimum solution. Just like a Manager does.

Jonsson United is something of a movable feast. Members come and go and you’re never sure who is responsible for what.

Today’s starting line up has most of the regulars including (using a football analogy of course) Magnus Pejlert and Anders Svanberg in a central defensive role, Antti Silventionen as captain, dictating the beat, Calle Jonsson as midfield maestro and playmaker, and Erica Argården as the singing centre forward supported by Anne-Li Sjölund in a cameo role as the #10.

They could probably beat Argentina.

It is in Swedish as the title suggests so I can’t comment in detail on the lyrics. Musically, they start cautiously, passing only square and backwards as if they’re weighing up if Messi still has the legs.

But it isn’t long until they find their own legs and ramp the pace up. They’ve really found a powerful hook with this one, too. And it rocks. I’d even go so far as to call it Eurovision standard as that annual glam fest is on the horizon again.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for this year’s Melodifestivalen (the Swedish qualification round, but they’d only have been up against Loreen). Perhaps next year, when they’ve had the chance to hone ‘Hoppsan för helvete’ and decided whether or not to employ any half naked dancers, they might give it a go.

Damn it, I’d vote for them.

‘Hoppsan för helvete’ is out now.

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