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Kamille Lindholm (Denmark) – I’m Nature (single + video)

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this one at first but it grew on me with a couple of listening/views. A statement of faith in Mother Nature, it is no ‘Greta Production.’

The message isn’t profound, it’s simply a case of “we all are a part of nature… the way we can save humanity is to remember to take care of our nature, remember that we all are nature and to breath in all the sunlight, oceans and the trees”. Let’s just do our bit in other words.

I only wish Mr Xi Jinping and Mr Modi and all the others saw it the same way. They want us to breathe in CO2.

It isn’t complex musically but I like the way it gets going with what sounds like a banjo, an instrument conducive to warm, fuzzy feelings.

There’s an interesting line part way through: “And the sun came back and it saved my soul”… we never look at it that way, do we? The sun is always the bad guy these days.

The music video here was recorded at Mols in the Djursland province of Denmark in the mountains (I didn’t know Denmark had any) It is self-made by Kamille Lindholm and the dancer is her sister, Liv Lindholm.

I like it when someone has a go at making a video themselves. Lord knows what it must cost professionally.

It might surprise you that her influences include John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Hendrix and Jeff Buckley. You won’t necessarily hear any of that in the music but the lyrics are slightly quirky.

I can’t end without mentioning a part of the video which amused me. At one point it looks as if Liv is doing one of those DUI walks in front of a police officer that you often see on Facebook videos when drivers are tasked with proving their sobriety. And she isn’t doing too well at it. I’ll have to try some of the berries she must have been eating.

The song is from Kamille Lindholm’s second album ‘Have No Fear’ which was released last year but the video is a new one.

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