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KÅRP (Sweden) – Zero Heatbeat (single)

Since they are unashamed practitioners of what they call ‘Death Disco’ one is tempted to conclude that someone just flatlined after a night of non-stop Northern Soul.

But KÅRP go further back into the past on this latest single, which is a distraction from their EP trilogy themed on the Apocalypse (Chaos/Silence/The New World), of which the first two have been released and this track is waiting to be delivered courtesy of the third horseman on forthcoming EP ‘Radical You’.

The subject matter here is the rather unusual one of a school playground snowball fight; in this case the first of the ‘season’ and which, as usual, ends up in total mayhem, with bleeding eyebrows, sore heads and freezing finger tips. If we’re lucky, some poor sod might lose an eye to the piece of glass hidden inside of one. New World Disorder you might call it.

You see I’m getting into the swing of this now, the first part of that quip came from KÅRP but I added in the lost eye bit myself. KÅRP say “Perhaps children are the most evil of creatures and empathy grows with age?” Perhaps indeed, ask Carrie White, or Damien Thorn, or Regan MacNeil, but never overlook the claims of the ageing music reviewer in the evil stakes.

And the allegorical snow fight prompts this children’s chant about spinal reflexes to primal fears, with KÅRP’s trademark haunting sense of doom.

This is their second track of the year and they never fail to produce a disco banger wrapped around a philosophical adventure and profound lyrics. Having said that, this is as much listenable in your favourite armchair as it is danceable at Berghain as Anna-Maria Lundberg transports the Apocalypse evocatively and ominously to the recreation ground.

The song has been released already via a digital 3D virtual reality video which makes for interesting viewing. As long as they don’t start replacing themselves with avatars and all that nonsense, I’ll stick with the real thing, thanks.

‘Zero Heartbeat’ is released on September 8th on all digital platforms.

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