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Kindsight (Denmark) – Madhouse breakout multitool (single/possible track from forthcoming album)

There’s a lot of Denmark around at the moment; almost every post so far this week. Normal service will be resumed but for now they’re on a roll, and why not.

Danish alt-rock four-piece Kindsight were on a roll last year too, releasing their debut album, ‘Swedish punk’, which was pretty damn good all round and included one track/single, Hi Life’, with a hook to die for; so good in fact that it made #2 in NMC’s ‘Singles of the Year.’

At the same time they made a manic short tour of the UK which was well received when very few others from the Nordics were doing that, and hopefully they’ll feel inclined to come back some day.

If you Google ‘Madhouse breakout multitool’ you’re likely to be taken to a construction tools website, of the hilariously named ‘Snap-On Tools’ variety. At the same time that title is suggestive of the frenzied math rock that comes from Pom Poko up in Norway, and which often carries such oblique titles.

Ergo, that’s what I was expecting because this band really can rock when they get going. But as it turns out it is, by their standards at least, a fairly sedate ballad, at least until the last minute or so, when the tempo increases a little.

And that allows some of their other qualities to surface such as excellent harmonies and deft guitar interplay. I’ve read of singer Nina Rasmussen’s voice being compared to that of Mazzy Star which is something I wouldn’t have thought of before now but this song does offer some evidence of that.

‘Madhouse Breakout Multitool’ relates what seemingly is the true story of two siblings boarding up their house somewhere in the Danish countryside to keep themselves safe from a breakout at the local madhouse. Taking place, they say, “in a bygone age when such places could be escaped.”

It sounds like a Scandi Noir. Where are Sarah and Saga when you need them? Or a reversal of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with the lunatics coming to the farm instead of awaiting an unplanned visit their way.

Is the ‘multitool’ what they used to get out, or what the siblings are using to lock themselves in? Or, horror of horrors, does it suggest Leatherface will dispense with his chainsaw in favour of ‘an interchangeable accessory to enable sanding, cutting, grinding, and scraping?’ It will never get past the censor.

Expect more to come. They are working on a second album now and I guess ‘Madhouse breakout multitool’ will be on it.

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