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Kindsight (Denmark) – Tibet (single)

You can always be sure of two things with Kindsight.

Firstly, subtle, delightful little time changes that come out of nothing and completely throw you. Secondly, manic, speed of light choruses that suggest that if they finish the song within three minutes (this one is 2:58) the drinks are on their producer.

Both of them are here, they define their sound, along with splendid vocal harmonies and grating, jangly guitars. I’ve seen them live and so should you if you want to experience their expertise because they can replicate their studio sound perfectly.

I have no background press release on ‘Tibet’, which was released a week or so ago. I can only assume that the song is promoted by the Tibetan Anti-Tourism Alliance judging from the lyrics sung by Nina Hyldgaard Rasmussen:

“You won’t get to Tibet/It’s not fun in Tibet.”

Although a muffled “on your own” suggests that a group visit could be arranged.

Ok then, go to the Roskilde Festival instead. They are playing there (26th June) having already played SPOT Festival earlier.

They should be at Glastonbury, replacing some of the Champagne Charlies there. Perhaps next year.

‘Tibet’ is available via RamaLama Records.

Find them on:



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