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KLIMAFORANDRINGER (Denmark) – M​ø​rket på Solens Krop (single/track from forthcoming album)

As readers may know by now, I don’t buy fully into the ‘climate crisis’ but if an artist/band has something new to say on the subject I’ll listen to the argument at least.

Especially when it’s the product of an ‘Afro psych ensemble’ because that is what KLIMAFORANDRINGER is (it literally means ‘Climate Change). I thought I’d encountered most genres at one time or another but this is a first for Afro psych.

This is their third single and album title track, from one that will be released on 27th January and which “contemplates the future of the planet.” The objective of composer Lars Bech Pilgaard is to “process the contrasting feelings caused by bringing life into a world that is hastily declining.” By ‘bringing life’ I’m assuming he/they mean kids, which more people are, seemingly choosing not to do, (the album is supposed to “depict emotions revolving around paternity”) – unfortunately I don’t have a lyric sheet to hand. And ‘Darkness on the Body of the Sun’ (the English translation of the song and album title) – that’s a sunspot, right? I’m not sure what that’s meant to represent but they do get you thinking, for sure.

But for all the good intent there’s no need for a lyric sheet. The music speaks for itself. The song is all over the place, in the nicest of ways. Just before I listened to it I ran the rule over the latest single from Peter Gabriel, who’s making a comeback this year. Gabriel is a master at creating African rhythms even though only one traditional member of his band – Manu Katché – was of African descent.

The similarity to Gabriel’s African-themed output in the opening bars here is notable and then after a minute or so it wanders off into something that could have come from Santana. To be honest, it does lose the plot a little in the middle, becoming a dirge for 30 seconds or so but then there’s an almighty jam for the final part, verging on a manic Irish jig, and which could be marketed as an anthem for the planet, with Michael Flatley dancing to it.

And the funny thing is that, while I haven’t posted a picture of the band, take it from me that not a single one of the six members looks like he has any African or Latin American heritage at all. They look more like sophisticated Vikings. (I’ll probably be shot down for those comments but they are intended as a compliment!)

KLIMAFORANDRINGER will play five Danish shows in February/March and the dates are:

23/2: Generator, Ringkøbing

24/2: Harders, Svendborg

25/2: Loppen, Copenhagen

3/3: Huset, Aalborg

4/3: Turkis, Aarhus

Any chance of seeing then in the UK I wonder?

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