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Knife Girl (Finland) – Eat you alive (single/possible future album track)

The PR for this song stole my thunder by identifying it as I did immediately as at least similar in nature to Ska music, the 1950s Jamaican calypso/R&B mix import into the UK that later evolved into the 2 Tone sound, predominantly out of Coventry, led by bands like The Specials, the Selecter and Madness.

Had I not known it was Knife Girl I could have been convinced it was the latest effort from Madness down at ‘Our House’.

Knife Girl (Lili Aslo) professes to know little about Ska but does know a lot about sex and says the song is about “unhinged horniness. It’s about wanting to forget about how love has hurt you for a second and giving into your dumb lust.”

Perhaps Lili needs to be careful. The times they are a (suddenly) changing in Finland, with an unexpected government switchover. It isn’t party girl Sanna in the ‘hot’ seat any longer, there’s a Conservative administration and they might take exception to songs about ‘dumb lust’ influencing the young folk. But then a little bit of controversy never did any harm, did it?

The song rattles along at a fair pace from beginning to end, a prominent bass line setting the beat at about 75 humps per minute (yep, I can do ‘dumb lust’, too!) and the more you listen to it the more it takes on a novelty Eurovision persona, especially when a multitude of voices make an appearance to break up the orgy for a moment. Let’s face it, Finland has had its fair share of those since Lordi and this year’s is completely off the wall. (See the Eurovision Nordic songs preview from a couple of weeks ago).

But this is less Lordi than it is Daz Sampson’s immortal ‘Teenage Life’ for the UK way back in 2006.

All of this just goes to show how innovative and versatile Knife Girl is. While I didn’t review her album ‘Uniform’, the track/single ‘The good times are coming your way’ was justifiably one of my Singles of 2022 and it was completely different to this – a full blown rocker.

Keep ‘em coming!

 ‘Eat you alive’ is a one-off single ahead of a possible second full length album this year.

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