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Lasse Matthiessen (Denmark) – Ocean (single)

Is it really eight months since Lasse Matthiessen was last in these pages? Tempus fugit, as they used to say in the location of the last piece of his that we featured, Ancient ‘Rome.’

I noted in the review that ‘Rome’ is typical of the EP it came from in that he was continuing to gravitate more in an electronic direction throughout, encouraged by his producer, the Stockholm-based Joakim Buddee who “has a more commercial and electronic point of view.”

And it seems that is going to continue to be the direction he takes.

In ‘Rome’ he was reminiscing about a rave in the Catacombs. I’m not sure what this one, ‘Ocean,’ is about, perhaps the same thing at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. I’m equally uncertain about why he chose to distort his voice at the beginning unless he wanted to be an electronic George Ezra for a few seconds but once he’s moved on and the vocal has taken on a more natural bent a highly relaxing, multifaceted electronic composition takes over.

To be honest I’d have been perfectly happy for it to have continued to the end, the song is less than three minutes long anyway, perhaps building up to a climactic ending. You might easily enjoy imagining dolphins frolicking about to it as Jacques Cousteau floats past.

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