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Marthe Halvorsen (Norway) – Invisible Sword (single/future album track)

There are quite a few songs these days about individuality, actually being (rather than just thinking) outside the box, and loving yourself.

I can happily go along with these concepts although I remain a little dubious about self-love as that can descend into narcissism if it is left unchecked (he says, glancing in the mirror).

Anyway, here is Norwegian indie-folk artist Marthe Halvorsen, with her take on the subject.

“Know that you, and only you, will be the cure to the disease/ As you grow to love yourself, every day more” she sings. Hm. Discuss.

Again I’m being a little flexible about her qualification for NMC as she is based in Montreal, although she is Norwegian.

‘Invisible Sword’’ is the third single from Marthe’s forthcoming second album, which was recorded in Montreal with some of the city’s top musicians (and there are more of them in Montreal than there are croissants and plates of poutine).

 She says the song, recorded live to try to get a 70s feel to it, it is “a tribute song to our inner warrior and our inner moral compass… about standing up for ourselves and learning to stay true to our core and to our values…like a little pat on the back to encourage us all to stand our ground and learn to love ourselves the same way we love others.”

If you’re expecting Xena – Warrior Princess, or Floor Jansen belting out a metal growl, you’re in for a disappointment. The track is quite playfully written and performed.

It’s very laid back and while she is a folk artist there are heavy jazz influences in it (not surprising really, in Montreal), and not only by way of the trumpet solos, heavy double bass and jazzy time signature in parts of the vocal, and even a little flavour of soul as well.

Vocally, her ever so slightly raspy delivery and intonation lies somewhere between Amy Winehouse and Sol Heilo.

In fact one might even argue that while its message is ‘rise up and be counted’ in the lyricism, where the sultry music is concerned it’s more one of ‘come to bed and rise up’, if you’ll pardon the ribald imagery!

“Be the fire burning, won’t you ever let it cease.” See what I mean. QED.

The album ‘For the Dreamers & the Bold’ is set to be released later this year.

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Photo credit: Mangalaia.

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