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Maylen Rusti (Norway) – Sammen med deg (Together with you) (single)

It was only back in August that Maylen Rusti was here with her first song for a while, ‘Romeo and Julie’ which concerned the amorous pair from Verona who never really got it together; not in this life anyway.

Is this a follow-up of sorts? ‘Together with you’ ??  I honestly can’t comment because I don’t have access to translated lyrics this time and my knowledge of Norwegian runs to ‘God dag’, ‘takk’ and ‘ha det’. Impressive, eh?

But I can comment on the tune. To cut to the chase, she writes unashamed electronic pop bangers. If she released English language versions there would be a better than even chance that some or other big name radio DJ here would pick up on them. I’m certain of it. Stock, Aitken Waterman would sign her up immediately if they heard this.

This time out, once she’s come in through the studio door and taken her coat off (that’s what it sounds like), she’s into the song like an express train, with an electronic bass line that’s straight out of the New Order song book (think ‘Blue Monday’ particularly). Which, of course, endears her to me immediately, being like from Manchestaaawwh, know what I mean, our kid?

And that’s just the opening burst from the starting pistol. Once she’s into the sprint it could be Britney Spears on steroids if you can imagine such a thing (perhaps its better if you don’t), and without the toxicity. Together with Kylie-like lyrics.

This song has just about everything. A catchy tune, memorable chorus, great variety in the beat, an impressive arrangement and production with a ‘choir’ courtesy of Marte Eberson and orchestral interludes, a fabulous vocal and an undeniable feel-good factor. Oh, and you can dance to it.

If you don’t want to be together with her after listening to it, see a doctor.

I’m staggered that before her brief sojourn in Shakespeare land I had never heard of her. More please.

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