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Memoira (Finland) – Cryonic Heart (single)

A little late with this one but I’ll always find time for symphonic metal. There isn’t enough of it.

I misread the PR email as saying ‘Memoria’, a Swedish Goth we have featured numerous times before. And she’d probably fit pretty well into Memoira.

There’s a video as a bonus as well, which seems to be a mash up of a British Hammer Horror film from the 1950s (think ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’ et al) and a feminine Arnie in Total Recall. It’s definitely entertaining and I’ve seen worse flicks coming out of Hollywood these last few years.

Musically, they’re tight (you have to be if this genre is your game) they’ve found a tune (let’s face it many metal bands don’t), there’s the obligatory double kick bass drums, and singer Krista reaches all the right notes, again as symphonic metal demands of you, while very much looking the part.

And she could shake for Finland by the look of it. It could be an advert for the new, improved NHS.

The grunts aren’t so much guttural as born of Lordi and visually the keyboardist, Lassi looks like one of Britain’s most famous wrestlers from the 1970s, Giant Haystacks.

What’s not to like here? They tick all the boxes. And after the last two years’ Finnish Eurovision entries perhaps it’s time for some more metal.

Their peers are expectant.


Krista Schröter – Vocals (new member)

Lassi Nuolivaara – Keyboards & Piano

Serdar Ilter – Guitars (new member)

Niko Laaksonen – Bass

Kimmo Puhakka – Drums

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