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Mia Dae (Denmark) – Break you first (debut single)

We seem to be featuring Denmark disproportionately just now but that small country is putting out new releases left, right and centre so why not?

In fact this is another one that almost slipped through the net but was belatedly saved by the bell if you’ll pardon a surfeit of idioms.

Mia Dae (Mia Dalager) is the sort of gal not to be messed with. The story behind the song is that  one night a guy looked her in the eye and told her, “Please don’t fall in love with me, ‘cause I don’t want to break your heart.”

That made her mad at first. But deciding to get even rather than angry, preferring to turn the tables on him more subtly, and just like the UK’s inept, almost nul point Eurovision entry from Mae Muller in 2023, ‘I wrote a song,’ Mia went away and did just that and with much more effective results.

The result is ‘Break you first’, which apparently leaves little to the imagination, but does it? That could mean I’ll break your heart first, or I’ll break your resolve and make you love me first.

She defines herself as strong and independent. I’m not arguing.

The song starts off the sort of fuzzy guitar noise that leads you into thinking it might be an arty farty St Vincent piece but quickly explodes into more solid rock, the variety that takes me back to the 80s, with a sound that sits somewhere between Suzi Quatro in the red corner and Kim Wilde in her more feral songs in the blue one.

As it picks up the pace it is relentless, and I can’t get those boxing images out of my mind, from the weigh-in slanging match to her hammering him with hooks and uppercuts on the ropes.

“You’ve never met a girl like me”, she concludes, and I’m not taking her to task on that assumption, either.

She hasn’t been around for long on the Danish underground scene, only since 2022, with her raw feminist message and it’s one that I can chime in with. Feminism needs a bit more of the beef Mia serves up and less of the constant whining about men and how they are all bastards and endless #MeTooing. It isn’t only Germaine Greer saying that, these days.

This lass can stand up for herself, and gets her message across in a way that no-one in the UK is doing to my knowledge and not that many Americans either. That message is one that should be heard and taken onboard here, too.

‘Break You First’ is the first single of several planned releases in 2024.

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