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Mildfire (Norway/Germany) – Drinking salt water (single/track from forthcoming EP)

I rambled on last time, when they released their debut single, about the secrecy surrounding the ‘Norwegian/German producer collective’, Mildfire, likening them to a team of Orville Pecks and a Scandi WU LYF.

Now they have at least revealed themselves photographically, as you can see, and that they have “members from Team Me and Astrosaur” and “hands in everything from Cezinando (a Norwegian rapper) to (the more sophisticated) Moddi”.

The debut single ‘Never Change’ dealt with the tricky subject of unconditional love and was notably catchy with a synth-produced main melody line supported by a mandolin.

‘Drinking Salt Water’ is a “moodier” piece about “emptiness, struggling to get over losses in life, living from day to day and never being able to hatch a long-time life plan, and feeling like crap about it.” Sounds like the daily grind in Oldham. And you will feel crap if you drink salt water. And you’ll go mad as well.

Personally, I don’t find it that moody, or at least only in its subject matter. It cracks on at a healthy pace with an unrelenting synth or bass produced melody/beat in an odd time signature. It’s more in tune with the notion of escape, running the gauntlet, fleeing the oppressor, think Big Arnie and Amber in Running Man, than submitting to depression and defeatism, but everyone interprets songs differently I suppose.

Mildfire has, despite the slightly anaemic band name I moaned about last time, a way of catching and holding your attention and I’ m sure they’ll keep on doing just that.

This is, I guess, a track from the first part of an EP trilogy which will be released on 10th October on Sinnbus/Rough Trade

International tour dates will be announced shortly.

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