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MoonBee (Denmark) – Distant Dream (sample track from EP Expanding Infinity – Pt 1)

MoonBee – a hippie-ish sort of name suggesting 1980s psych might be on the cards here, but she amounts to a fair bit more than that.

MoonBee (Gry Colding Ebbesen) has just released ‘Expanding Infinity, Part I’, the first part of her debut album ‘Expanding Infinity’, which will be released in full in October.

‘Expanding Infinity’ is about daring; to do, to be. Who Dares Wins, as some or other military unit says as its slogan.

The press release recommends the EP’s final track, ‘Honey’, which will come with a video, but I was so taken with the opening track (of five) – ‘Distant Dream’ – that I opted to persevere with it.

I get the impression she is a complex character, a moody MoonBee even. She says “This record is everything I am: Chaotic, big on the beat and insanely vulnerable. Take it or leave it. I don’t give a fuck anymore.”

Hm. OK.

But then in her social pages she writes, “On Friday comes Pt. I of my upcoming debut album ‘Expanding Infinity’ – and I’m looking forward to it but am simply so exhausted at the moment. Big changes are happening both around me, inside me and because of my choices (I assume she’s referring to coming out), and it feels right, but I’m also completely tapped for energy.

So I hope you’ll listen, watch, share etc…, even though I’m not going all wild and violent about its release.”

Right then, I’ll do it for her. It is a highly atmospheric track, with a sort of space-time continuum built into it by way of a crazy, chaotic beat of hi-hat and hard struck toms on which the complex synth arrangements are hung. It isn’t really what you’d expect from an artist who is still in her performance infancy. It has a definable quality about it, enhanced by melodies you won’t easily forget.

Her vocal hits the mark perfectly, with the playfulness of Amy Studt (and, come to think of it, a flavour of her clever, mischievous song arrangements, too).

If this is “extrovert hyper-pop” I’ll have another bottle of it please.

‘Expanding Infinity, Part I’ is out on MoonBee’s own label IT’s PROBABLY ART on 16th June 2023.

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