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Nils Bloch (Denmark) – I blink you disappear (single)

Nils Bloch (he sounds like a physicist doesn’t he?) is a Belgrade-based Danish singer-songwriter and this is his new single ‘I Blink You Disappear’, an intriguing title. It was released on July 7th.

The single follows the EP ‘In Amber Light’ from last year and is the first taste of a debut album which is scheduled for release this autumn.

It concerns a lingering presence, presumably of an ex partner, and how damaging it can be, allied to acceptance of the change in circumstances and of the potential for new beginnings.

He paints an interesting picture of how a face or image can dominate your thinking, appearing everywhere you look, in every reflection, and seemingly impossible to shake off.

But equally it is possibly to blink and make it disappear as one has to do to have any chance of moving on.

The song plays out to a simple repetitive acoustic guitar riff of the sort I associate with the UK’s Jake Thackray, for those who can remember him, although Thackray’s songs were much lighter in weight than those of Nils.

His voice is full of authority. It is the sort which says quietly, “I’m going to make a statement and this is it.” He reminds me a little of the Greenlander Simon Lynge, who was here a few weeks ago. They share the same ‘bold yet vulnerable’ tag.

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