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Nordic Music Central Spotify Playlist #13 – Feb & Mar 2023

A bumper edition awaits, covering the last two months with 15 songs selected from those we featured, allowing for a fair geographical spread etc. In one case there is no Spotify version so there is a video instead (at the end).

Marte Eberson (Norway) – White Birds

Marte Eberson calls in the White Birds to help her move on from a broken relationship and furthers her nascent pop career credentials into the bargain.

Captain Gone (Norway) – Berlin

They went, and now they’re back – seven years on and the Oslo based sextet return with a philosophical song wrapped up in their trademark all-round sound.

Stella Explorer (Sweden) – Club Atlantis

The Swede with South African roots returns with another thought-provoking song, this one in advance of her second EP, due out next month.

Nicolay Løvvold (Norway) – Latika

Nicolay’s industrial/symphonic metal ‘rock opera’ has him pursuing the woman of his dreams in all the wrong ways, and paying the price

Myrkvi (Iceland) – Self Pity

No self pity is needed from the lcelandic duo previously known as VIO who offer here a snappy song on a serious subject; something they are highly skilled at in Iceland.

Summer Fry (Denmark) – If I don’t drown first

Summer Fry harks back to her Gurli Octavia persona with a song that tackles an unusual subject – the self-destructiveness of the obsession with physical appearance.

Birds are better (Norway) – Super Highway

Stian Fjelldal returns with a smart song about returning home, but unlike Chris Rea he isn’t driving home for Christmas, he’s taking the super highway back to a welcome which might not be quite what he wants.

Tinyhawk & Bizzarro (Finland) – Nekorok

Their second single showcases the forthcomings album’s experimental and electronic side more so than on the previous single while channelling everything from Mike Oldfield to A Clockwork Orange.

Red Cell (Sweden) – Going back before going on

A taster for their recently released album, Red Cell consistently and successfully perpetuate a 1990s synth-pop/new wave style

SkarWorX (Norway) – Lille

The Oslo-based electronic specialist turns his attention to a more acoustic composition, in collaboration with French cellist Dorran Alibaud.

Cisser Maehl (Denmark) – Menneskeaftryk

The Danish experimentalist haunts her ‘Inner Museum’.

Josefin Winther (Norway) – If I were you

The title track from her album. Could be Disney or Pixar.

Helena Montgomery (Sweden) – For our children

I’m not always onboard with the sentiments expressed in songs and that was the case with some of them here but you can’t deny that Helena Montgomery is a master at doing that expressing.

Mansfield (Denmark) – Chasing after you

Mansfield is in Nottinghamshire but this Danish band expertly channels northern Britpop, with 1960s riffs.

Fallulah (Denmark) – Tits of Steel

A forthright title for a song about her “experiences as a woman and is about how impossible a task it is to be one in the right way.” She doesn’t stream songs so no Spotify but there is live video here:

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