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Nordic Music Central Spotify Playlist #14 May 2023

Such has been the volume of releases recently we’ve had to miss out April altogether (and with it a lot of very good songs), as well as rationing May’s output.

But a Playlist will always worm its way out of a blog so here it is.

To those who do not peruse the site frequently I hope it will serve as an example of the excellent Nordic music we feature in Nordic Music Central.

May’s selection is:

We Ghosts (Sweden/UK) – Ship goes down

Myrkvi (Iceland) – Miserable People

Siri Neel (Denmark) – Disappear

Laundry House (Norway) – Edge to the Sea

Summer Fry (Denmark) – Can’t buy me love

Maylen Rusti (Norway) – Balanse

Astrid Cordes (Denmark) – Stop dreaming

Atom Chris Dahl & Powerband (Denmark) – Ingen Sikkerhed

The Bridges (Denmark) – Untouchable

Inki (Iceland) – Destructive Interference


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