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Nordic Music Central Spotify Playlist #15, June – September 2023

Cripes! As Billy Bunter used to say, we haven’t had a Spotify Playlist since May.

Playing catch-up, here is one covering songs reviewed between June and the first half of September.

As ever, there are space limitations so the exclusion of a reviewed song doesn’t mean anything. Just regard this as ‘the best of the best.’

They are presented alphabetically by artist.

NB. My original comments are in italics.

#1 A Catalogue of the Universe & LAD (Sweden) – Strange Goodbyes (single)

Two contrasting Swedes, a late 30s folk singer songwriter and a 17-year old electronic experimentalist, combine to produce “one of the best songs I’ve heard all year.”

#2 Astrid Cordes (Denmark) – Surrender (single/track from forthcoming EP)

Originally written on a harp, it chronicles “the beautiful yet troubled journey of someone special entering your life, turning your dreams and everything you knew upside down…” and prompting you to ‘Surrender.’” It’s big, it’s brash, and it’s bold.

#3 ‘Atom’ Chris Dall & Powerband (Denmark) – Selvfedisme (single)

The self consciously ‘up their own arse’ Danes – who might just really lack confidence (?) – return with a tour de force of historical rock offered up in a garage wrapping.”

#4 Birds are Better (Norway) – The Loop (single/track from forthcoming album)

Another deep, philosophical and challenging piece of work from the singer-songwriter whose characters could be straight out of a Greek tragedy.

#5 Das Body (Norway) – Baby, you know I’m a stranger (single)

Yet another example of powerful, earthy, melodic rock from “the freshest act to come out of Norway in years”. Not to mention the singer with the longest neck in the music business.

#6 eee gee (Denmark) – Promise to pick up the phone (track from album)

The exiled Dane finds the bright lights of the big city a little too hot to handle. “Uplifting pathos.”

#7 Ida Wenøe (Demark) – With the Wind (single/track from forthcoming album)

The sweet-voiced Danish chanteuse who was discovered waitressing in a coffee shop returns with another sumptuous piece of folk-noir.

#8 Inki (Iceland) – For You/This one for me (singles/tracks from forthcoming album)

In this double single release the erudite Inki sings of a break up that involved her best friend and paraphrases ‘Fifty ways to leave your lover’ along the way.

#9 Lennart Ginman (Denmark-Finland) – SOS (single/track from recently released album)

Jazz meets experimental electronica with huge cinematic overtones.

#10 Les Big Byrd (Sweden) – I’m living a saved life now (single/track from forthcoming album)

Speaking of cinema scores LBB’ arena/stadium indie would fit a Michael Mann film perfectly with this track.

#11 Marte Eberson (Norway) – Can’t get enough (single/ultimate track from forthcoming album)

Norway’s celebrated multi-genre musical exponent concludes her album release voyage with this final track in which she reveals that she just can’t get enough. A funky, sexy jazz/R&b number.

#12 Maylen Rusti (Norway) – Forglemmegei (Forget me not) (single)

A song dedicated to her “ride-or-die” attitude. “Maylen specialises in memorable, hook-filled sing-a-long pop bangers and this is yet another one on the road to her second album.”

#13 Mesa Verde (Norway) – Pickings for the Beast (single/track from forthcoming album)

“Pop meets prog meets dance in a tribute to the apocalypse”.

#14 PIKES (Sweden) – Yuppie Love (title track from album)

“It is pure 1980s electro pop from the off with a big tune (I defy you to forget it once it’s implanted in your head), huge powerful synth chords, goose bump key changes, echo-y vocals, a heartfelt guitar bridge that is just so and memorable chorus lyrics. PIKES is the real deal”.

#15 Soffía (Iceland) – Promises (single/anticipated track from forthcoming album)

Slow, laconic, with a hint of soul and the blues and even a bit of gospel, Soffía pokes fun at herself and her need to be loved when she could be out dancing. “It promises another compelling album of real life adventures reminisced under the aurora borealis.”

#16 Sylvatic Black (Sweden) – Deadly Kiss (single)

A debut single in which the duo make a melodic metal song that tells dark stories about creatures of the night like vampires, witches, northern-mythological figures and more, with a ‘fun’ twist.

#17 Tiergarten (Norway) – Lulu (single/track from forthcoming album)“Norway’s best-kept secret” returns with another example of their energetic, melodic, electronic synth pop sound, this time with a little funky interlude thrown in, early doors.

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