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Nordic Music Central Spotify Playlist #2 – November 2021

This playlist has been put together sooner than I expected (end November) but there’s so much good stuff out there I couldn’t wait.

For your delight we have:

Icelandic gem Soffía Björg with ‘Rodeo Clown’, a piece of Icelandic Americana (featuring Krummi), from her new album, ‘The company you keep.’

Color Dolor (Finland) with ‘Andrea’, a poppy track from a wide-ranging and experimental fourth album, ‘Blurry things’.

The deep-thinking jazz-blues Norwegian artist Beady Belle with ‘Truth wide open’.

Also from Norway, Kate Havnevik with a single, ‘Dream her to life’ from her forthcoming album.

Et maintenant quelque chose completement different. The Swedish masters of the ‘chanson française’, Le Lac Long 814 with ‘Le monde et nous’ from their 17-track album ‘Tessons flottants’.

Back to Norway for Highasakite and the 10-minute long EDM danceathon (well for the last five minutes anyway), ‘Autopsy’.

Sweden’s Aldrovanda are settling the score with their past experiences in ‘The ichor in your mouth’ which has a great guitar solo.

Finland again, with Helsinkski and his album ‘Waves of pain’ from which the selected track is ‘Edging’, a fascinating amalgam of anthemic pop and alt-rock.

Norway’s Tiergarten sound like a consortium of 1980s UK new wave bands meeting their own A-ha. Check them out on ‘The stairs’.

We started in Iceland so we’ll finish their too, with Heidrunna, who’s singing about the ‘Borderline’ and Madonna is nowhere to be seen.

As always, I limit this collection to 10 tracks; if a recently reviewed artist isn’t featured here it only means they didn’t make it into a random selection.

Don’t forget to check out the reviews on the website if you haven’t already read them. We have one of the better ‘search’ facilities!

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